It’s not too often that you get to buy a new car, so the whole experience should be an enjoyable one, even more so if it’s your first time participating in this iconic rite of passage.  Car prices in recent years have become a lot more attractive, especially when you consider the diverse range of vehicles that have also hit the market.

Having choices is always good, but with so many decisions to make and price brackets to consider, it can be a tough call to settle on the perfect vehicle to suit your lifestyle.

However, buying a new car comes down to more than just the make and model of vehicle; it’s a process that involves asking lots of questions and setting limits. Here are five new car tips you can use to make transitioning into your next vehicle a lot easier.

#1 – Set Your Budget

Set a firm budget before you even set foot in a car sales yard, and plan to stick to it. If you’re tempted by an offer, make sure that you are getting all the extras you need for the price, and that it includes the on-road costs as well.

If you’re like most people buying a new car, there will usually be a loan involved which comes with interest. Knocking even a few hundred dollars off the top can potentially save you thousands over the period of the loan.

While you probably have a good idea of what you can spend up front, you will still need to consider the ongoing costs as part of your budget.

Different models and classes have crazy variations in maintenance costs. A BMW M3 will take a lot more out of your pocket every month than a Toyota Aurion will.

The RACQ site has a handy downloadable comparison chart that considers the various levels of fuel consumption, regular servicing fees, registration fees, and tyre replacement costs over a 5-year period for a range of different car models and classes, so it’s worth checking out.

#2 Test Drive a Range of Models and Classes

You won’t know if you like it until you try it, so take a few different models and classes out for a spin to see which of them fit. You’ll often be amazed at how different each car feels, even in vehicles of the same class but from different manufacturers.

#3 Do You Need a New Car Yesterday or Can You Wait for a While?

Are you in desperate need of a car, or can you wait for a better deal? Car dealers are always looking to get rid of excess stock at the end of the financial year, so it may be worth holding off until then so you can take advantage of the best deals. It’s also a lot easier to negotiate a price more in your favour if time is on your side.

#4 Prepare Your Questions Beforehand

Always have a list of questions before you sit down to talk terms. Some things you will want to know are where is the nearest service centre, how much does a service cost, how long is the warranty and what does it cover, and what are the registration costs?

Paint and upholstery protection can increase the resale value of your vehicle, so it won’t hurt to ask if you can get that thrown in as well.

Knowing all these things before you drive your new car off the lot will prevent nasty surprises cropping up later.

#5 Consider a Demo Model

A fresh new car is always nice, but demo models still have that new car smell with only a few kilometres on the clock. You can potentially shave a few thousand off the top, and you will still be able to take advantage of a 5-year warranty.

Bear in mind, you will still want to get a demo model thoroughly checked out as they have been known to get abused on occasion.

If you’re in the market for a new car, Caloundra City Autos are ready and willing to steer you in the right direction, while driving prices down. They’ve been selling cars for 25 years and have worked hard at forging a solid reputation in the local community.

Give them a call on 07 5491 5522 to set up a meeting or come down to the car yard at 45 Caloundra Rd to check out the great deals.

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