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The 2017 Honda CRV is here

Produced in Thailand and well known as the family focussed car in the Honda range, the Honda CRV is designed both for family adventures and the everyday family experience. The 2017 model boasts advanced technology and connectivity, passive and active safety systems and lots of storage. It’s spacious, good looking, and just generally a pretty great car. Aesthetically, it sets itself apart from its CRV predecessors. It’s sculpted wheel arches, integrated dual exhaust finishers, aerodynamic hood and brand-new face make for a made over SUV that’s sure to turn heads. Inside the car, there’s a bit more head and leg room on offer and the seats have been redesigned to offer better support for both drivers and passengers.

Is it a Big Deal?

The simple answer? Yes. The 2017 CRV is pretty great. Its body is larger than a lot of other mid-sized SUVs, which allows for a bigger boot and more than adequate rear-seat space. There is also a full-sized spare tyre which is a unique but regular feature of the CRV, all-wheel drive is an option, the interior is pretty good on the eye and lots of standard features are included.

One feature that might be a bit hard to get used to is the foot operated parking brake. Many people learnt to drive and have driven for years using traditional hand brakes so getting used to a feature such as this one could take some time. This is a feature in previous model CRV’s however, so CRV enthusiasts will probably be very happy with the continuation of this feature.

The 2017 model of this ‘old favourite’ is said to be stepping up to its class competitors.
New features include but are not limited to;

  • a turbocharged petrol engine
  • Apple CarPlay support
  • Android Auto smartphone integration
  • All-wheel drive; and
  • Five and seven seater options.

Also included with a 2017 Honda CRV purchase is;

  • 5 years’ unlimited kilometer warranty; and
  • 6 years’ protection against rust damage

All sounds pretty good, right? So, the only thing left to decide is whether you like driving it.

Give it a Test Drive for yourself

Book in a test drive and decide once and for all if the new CRV is the car for you and your family.

To find out more, drop into 45 Caloundra Road, Caloundra and chat to a member of the Caloundra City Honda team, give them a call or visit caloundracityautos.com.au today!

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